Why do you need a woven basket?

23 August 2021 Agboakiosime Imoudu

Woven baskets are containers that have been used for thousands of years for storage, beautification, and many other uses. Carbon dating shows that people have been weaving baskets for more than 10,000 years. These beautiful, detailed, and functional structures are handmade and have many uses for your home or business. The good news, you don’t have to spend days trying to make one yourself. You can find them in traditional brick-and-mortar shops or online at affordable prices.

Woven basket materials

Woven baskets can be made from a long list of materials. Traditionally, people weave baskets from flexible organic materials like grasses, reeds, bamboo, straw, oak, and vines. Synthetic materials like plastic and wire are also used. 

Uses of woven baskets

You can use woven baskets simply for decoration. You can also use them to display wares or to store and move items. Here are seven uses of woven baskets.

1. Hanging baskets: One fun way to use woven baskets, especially for kids, is to hang them on walls and place items like toys in them. 

2. Jewellery: You can have a basket for your rings, necklaces, and watches. When you place remote controls and mobile phones in a small basket near your chair or table, you always know where they are. 

3. Logs: You can have a basket hold logs for the fireplace in winter and firewood for your grill in summer. 

4. Indoor plants: Different shapes and colours of baskets are available to give your indoor plants a beautiful home. You may place plants separately or have a collection of plants in a rectangular basket. 

5. Tray: You can use a shallow woven basket as a tray. 

6. Paper: A basket in the home library or office can hold newspapers, magazines, books, or paper waste. 

7. Recycling: You can place items to recycle in these baskets.  

Woven baskets can also hold towels, toilet paper, dirty laundry, cosmetics, shoes, and vegetables.

While trying to make your basket can be fun, it can take decades to master the craft. In the meantime, you can buy a woven basket of your choice for functional, aesthetic, or other purposes.