When you Should Really Hire a Housing Lawyer

15 September 2021 Amber Zia

Lawyers are expensive but there are some scenarios which truly need one. Some tenant’s issues are minor and can be solved by law knowledge, as described at eboligadvokat. But some issues are serious that are difficult to solve. If you ever get stuck in any of the following situations, hire a lawyer urgently. 

If your landlord is evicting you

In case your landlord gives you a termination notice, getting a lawyer will boost your chances of success. It’s better to hire a local lawyer who’s aware of the laws regarding tenant and landlord. If the lawyer has considerable experience with fighting evictions, it’ll be better. Expertise will make the lawyer think of effective strategies and smooth solutions. For instance, the lawyer can argue that the eviction was retaliatory.

If your landlord isn’t making repairs

When a landlord isn’t fulfilling his obligation by ignoring repairs, you can implement any state’s tenant solution such as “repair and deduct” or withholding. But this action will require coaching which a lawyer can give. Moreover, the housing lawyer can try to communicate with the landlord on your behalf that can offer a fast settlement. If needed, you can sue your landlord too. 


If your landlord isn’t fulfilling promises

Oftentimes, landlords initially make promises in order to gain hesitant tenants. For instance, if an applicant is worried about the local crime rate, the landlord might promise to install an effective security system. But if the landlord ignores the promise afterwards, a lawyer should be hired to write a strict letter. With a lawyer, you can remind your landlord what he can be sued for and threaten him with a lawsuit if he remains stubborn. 

If your property is damaged

When a landlord is negligent about property maintenance, damages can occur. In case you get in such a situation, a lawyer can get reimbursement from the landlord.