Link-building: All you ever needed to know

13 August 2021 Mayank Verma
Link-building: All you ever needed to know

SEO is one of the biggest buzzwords in the field of content today. It is one of the critical aspects of mastering how your content ranks on the web. It is primarily of two types: Content and Technical. Link building is one of the significant components of SEO that every expert and content agency recommends for a higher search result.

Why is it so important?

It is because the web is all but a network of links. It’s based on nothing but links — a lot of them leading to one another upon which the entire web structure rests. Google’s search algorithm also works similarly, that is, by indexing the links from one directory to another for the given keyword. The links, therefore, decide how your content ranks on the internet. For more on this, visit

What is the correct science of backlinks?

While a vast network of external links must back your content, the key is to know what kind of links to put your resources in. Owing to the exploits in its algorithm, Google has widened the search algorithm horizons, and it can now tell the quality links from spam.

To be able to utilize the network of backlinks better, you should ensure two things: relevant and authoritative links.

What are relevant links?

If the backlinks originate from another piece of content in the same niche as yours, it’d be termed as a relevant backlink. If your company makes home decoration items, it would make sense to source your links from a blog specializing in lifestyle and living.

What are authoritative links?

Authoritative links are those that originate from the sources built on an extensive network of links. These are also some of the most competitive backlinks in SEO.

Your content needs to ensure that the links are both relevant and authoritative to make the best out of link building. 

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